More great wildlife spotted

I combined my run today with a quick visit to the orchard…..

…and what was frolicking around between the apple trees? Three fox cubs. Hopefully they will be long term residents and help us control the rabbit population. The rabbits quickly kill any young trees by stripping off the bark. So the longer the foxes stick around the better.

Latest from the orchard – Slow worms spotted

IMG_7531Just popped into the orchard for a quick check round and found a family of slow worms….. Great news.

There is lots of fruit growing, even on the smallest trees that we planted this winter.  Pears, plums and the apples all look good.  And there is a little blossom still left on the later varieties.

Don’t forget we have a work party arranged for this Monday the 13th June. Lots to do and we will probably end up at the pub after. So lots of incentive to turn up!

13 June work evening

Next Monday (13th June) is our next work evening.  The plan is to weed around the trees and replace any poor protection to save the trees from rabbit attack.   If we have enough people we will also put a gate on the nursery and fill the hole near the central area where we host events.

All help is welcome and no skill is required. Hopefully we will see lots of you there at 1730. We will probably finish around 1900.

First evening session of 2016

On Monday April 11, our first evening work session will take place. The first task will be to plant out 50 new rootstocks in the nursery area and lay the anti-weed fabric, but there are other jobs also: Mainly tree protection.

There will be people from 5:30pm and work is expected to take until 7:30pm or when it gets too dark. We will gather at The Old House at Dorking for a drink and chat afterwards.

Feel free to come and bring any friends you want!