Become a Friend

Become a Friend of the Orchard!

Please help us financially by becoming a Friend of the Orchard.

It costs us about £25 to purchase, plant and protect a tree, and although we have planted over 140 so far we intend to continue our planting programme, focussing more on trees grafted or “budded” onto root stocks in our Nursery area. Ongoing running costs include insurance, lease costs, water, fencing etc – and it costs us money to put on some of our professionally-led workshops.

Future plans include improved signage, more tables and benches, a new rainwater collection structure and our own equipment for grass cutting, strimming, apple juicing etc.

How can you help us?

Please donate!

Individual Friend              £10 annual subscription suggested
Family Friend                     £15 suggested

It is easy to do via local giving, or contact us at

Friends’ Benefits

  • We send a regular, short Newsletter to our Friends, keeping them up-to-date with progress and activities
  • We offer a variety of practical workshops (fruit tree planting, pruning, propagation etc), many of which are free to Friends
  • We can offer help and advice on fruit tree husbandry
  • We plan to make some of our apple juice available to Friends as a small  “Thank You”