More great wildlife spotted

I combined my run today with a quick visit to the orchard…..

…and what was frolicking around between the apple trees? Three fox cubs. Hopefully they will be long term residents and help us control the rabbit population. The rabbits quickly kill any young trees by stripping off the bark. So the longer the foxes stick around the better.

Latest from the orchard – Slow worms spotted

IMG_7531Just popped into the orchard for a quick check round and found a family of slow worms….. Great news.

There is lots of fruit growing, even on the smallest trees that we planted this winter.  Pears, plums and the apples all look good.  And there is a little blossom still left on the later varieties.

Don’t forget we have a work party arranged for this Monday the 13th June. Lots to do and we will probably end up at the pub after. So lots of incentive to turn up!

Want to plant some trees?

Good, because we need help.

We’re meeting at the orchard on Sunday, November 15 at 10am to plant.

If the weather is really bad we won’t do it.  If the weather is only slightly bad we will.  Call Jane at 07546-217-793 to make sure.  Or follow us on Twitter @dorkingorchard.

Bring a pair of work gloves and a spade if you have one.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry.

Planting in May 2014
Planting in May 2014

Juicing in North Holmwood on October 24, 2015.

Our final juicing event of the year takes place this Saturday at the Holmwood Marketplace at the Village Hall on Spook Hill in North Holmwood.  The post code is RH5 4JP.

This is the big one!  Bring your washed apples and we’ll turn them into fresh juice.

Our annual apple pressing is the major fundraising effort of Dorking Community Orchard.  In return for pressing your apples we ask that you either give us half your crop so we can sell it for our funds or donate £1 a litre if you want all your juice.  For example, 100kg of apples will produce 50 litres of juice.  You can either give us 25 litres of juice which we will sell for £2 a litre and you can keep the rest.  Or you can give us £1 a litre and take all the juice.

Please note that the juice is fresh and unpasteurised.  It should be drunk or frozen within a day or two of pressing.  Next year we hope to offer pasteurising and bottling for longer-lasting juice.