Data protection privacy policy

Dorking Community Orchard CIC (DCO)


Data Protection Privacy Policy


Introduction: Under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, “Friends” (Members) of DCO are entitled to know the Privacy Policy which the CIC has adopted to comply with the provisions of the Regulation. This is set out below.


  • Information on Friends of the Orchard is held by Officers and Committee Members of DCO for the purposes of administering the business of the CIC (for example, membership subscriptions). Information may also be used to provide Friends with promotional material on orchard events.


  • Information is currently held in an Excel Spreadsheet on a secure shared server (Dropbox), and is available only to Committee members. DCO will endeavour to keep information safe and secure.


  • [The Treasurer] is responsible for administering the provisions of the Regulation.


  • Information held is restricted to names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, as well as temporary records on workshops attended and monies paid.


  • Friends have the right to know what information is held and why. If a Friend requests it, DCO will provide them with details of all information held about them, in writing, within one month of the request. Any incorrect information will be corrected within 30 days of the error being notified.


  • DCO will keep information accurate and, where necessary, update it. Any information held on a friend will be deleted on request, unless there is a lawful reason to keep and use that information for legitimate interests or contractual obligation, or there is a legal requirement to keep information (for example, for Gift Aid claims).


  • DCO may send members occasional emails, social media communications, AGM documents and newsletters about orchard activities, including social events.


  • DCO may communicate with friends by letter, email, social media (eg Facebook) or telephone. Group emails are sent as blind copies so that other recipients cannot see each others’ email addresses.


  • No information will be provided to third parties without members’ consent.