Juicing in North Holmwood on October 24, 2015.

Our final juicing event of the year takes place this Saturday at the Holmwood Marketplace at the Village Hall on Spook Hill in North Holmwood.  The post code is RH5 4JP.

This is the big one!  Bring your washed apples and we’ll turn them into fresh juice.

Our annual apple pressing is the major fundraising effort of Dorking Community Orchard.  In return for pressing your apples we ask that you either give us half your crop so we can sell it for our funds or donate £1 a litre if you want all your juice.  For example, 100kg of apples will produce 50 litres of juice.  You can either give us 25 litres of juice which we will sell for £2 a litre and you can keep the rest.  Or you can give us £1 a litre and take all the juice.

Please note that the juice is fresh and unpasteurised.  It should be drunk or frozen within a day or two of pressing.  Next year we hope to offer pasteurising and bottling for longer-lasting juice.


Wassail! Saturday 11 January

We are delighted to be the venue for the first Wassail (first of the modern era anyway) to be held at Dorking Community Orchard on Saturday 11 January.  As you may know a Wassail is an ancient rite to promote orchard fertility.  It involves singing, dancing, a bonfire, and cider-soaked toast placed in trees.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Box Hill Bedlam are hosting this event and we are delighted to have them do it.  They will be dancing with WIP the PloughboyThey have promised a special incantation for The Mulberry Tree!

The festivities begin at 4PM at The Pilgrim where there may be some drinking involved.  The group will proceed to the orchard around 5:15.  The ceremony will be from 5:30 until 5:45.  Afterwards, folks will repair to the Dorking Brewery for more festive fun.

This event is free and open to everyone.

Things to keep in mind:

The orchard has no toilet facilities.

Accessibility is limited.  We will be processing through the Ranmore Allotments to the orchard.

It will be dark..even with the bonfire.  Please watch your step.  The orchard has uneven ground and lots of rabbit holes.

The ground will probably be muddy.  Dress accordingly.

There will be fire…please keep an eye on your children.

Apple Day 2012 –20 October 9AM until 3PM

Apples at Keeper’s Nursery in Kent

We’ll be back on Dorking‘s High Street pressing apples on Saturday, 20 October 2012.  We’ll be next to Food Float in front of Barclays Bank.  Bring your apples and a clean container for juice and be prepared to have a good time.  If you have a lot of apples and need help getting them transported, please be in touch.  We can help with that.

Many thanks to our friends at Families Surrey East magazine for putting a notice about this in their September issue.  We, however, gave them the wrong date.  It is the 20th and not the 6th.

Pruning New Fruit Trees at Dorking Community Orchard – Sunday, 15 April

Over the past two years Dorking Community Orchard has planted a large number of new trees, and we now have over 100 fruit trees in the Orchard.  Join us at the site for a one day Pruning workshop; find out how to select, plant and care for new fruit trees, and how to prune for optimum growth and fruit production.  Tutor and tree expert, Alex Valsecchi, will be on hand to demonstrate procedures and guide participation.

Booking is essential for this workshop, as participants will be limited to 25.


When:  Sunday 15 April, from 10am to 4pm

Where:  The site is Dorking Community Orchard.  Directions and a map are here.

Cost:  £5 for members of Dorking Community Orchard.  £10 for non-members.  Membership in Dorking Community Orchard is £10 per year.  What a deal!

Important stuff:  Please dress for the weather – we’ll have a marquee set up but there will be no regular shelter nearby.  Toilet facilities are not available.  We’ll supply tea and biscuits but you should bring your own lunch.  Please bring loppers and secateurs if you have them.

Booking:  Send a cheque to Dorking Community Orchard, PO Box 562, Dorking RH4 9GF

For more information call Jane at 07546-217-793 or email orchardfriend@gmail.com.